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4 Feb 2014

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14 Sep 2010

Indeed, it is not equipped with who knows what out of this world features, there is no "never heard of" technology involved. But all those options and features available in similar softwares are wrapped up really nice. I spent about half an hour just wondering about the effort to create such interface. It all stands in the interface.


21 Feb 2011

The bugs in the application prevented running a script, plugin or tool and the checking of the different elements in Plugins, Scripts and Tools menus was not done smoothly.

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I would hate to see ArchLord's highly anticipated PvP system turn into rubble by players who will just play the game 24/7 showing off impressive grinding skills instead of wits, wisdom and game knowledge. Deep inside, I am still hoping this will be fixed and one could actually enjoy the long road to PvP greatness through challenging situations and gameplay variety. Since my people were always good with Jewelcrafting, I decided it would be a real asset to learn this profession myself. As I?m gonna need fresh supplies of gems and different ore to fashion the jewels taking on the mining profession too seemed like the smartest thing to do. The crush site area proved to be a great place to practice my mining skills. I started creating rings in no time. I was extremely pleased to see that each ring gave me a bonus to some attributes. Some added some extra points to stamina, some to intellect or agility. Not until later, as I discovered a way to smelt bronze bars, I got to the really interesting jewels ? rings that increased my armor, necklaces and gemmed items that besides being utterly fashionable were offering even more bonuses. I chose two rings and a necklace for myself according to my Hunter abilities and I sold the rest of them to local merchants. I can tell you this is a pretty good way to make a small fortune (the easiest rings to make Woven Copper Ring and Braided Copper Ring get each me the welcomed sum of 2.50 silver and I don?t even have to own a Jeweler?s Kit). A Solid Bronze Ring (that gives +30 to the armor and requires level 17) turned out to be worth 3 whole silvers while the gemmed items brought me 7.50 silver for a Thick Bronze En Nenjil Oru Poo Poothathu Mp3 Song (+3 to stamina level 17) and 10.64 for a En Nenjil Oru Poo Poothathu Mp3 Song Pearl Ring (+4 to spell hit rating). I could be a

The interface is small enough to stay out of your way so that you can easily refer to it for quick calculations. It comes with built-in skins for changing the appearance of the calculator. We liked how this feature lets you add a little personalization. The Help menu directs you to the product's Web site. There are a few Flash demos that show you how to customize and perform functions with the program. The demos are helpful, but we wished there were Help files that we could browse from within the program, or an FAQ file. Also, the demos are geared toward users already familiar with scientific calculators. We would have liked to see more help that describes how to use the calculator in layman's terms. This program is certainly not going to win any awards for its design, but this bland white screen and several entry fields are the simplest we could hope for. While we could have managed without the Help file, the insight it provided on the program's functionality made the process much smoother. We only needed to populate a new entry's many fields to start filing away information. Forms for Description, Date, Comment, Address, Phone, E-mail, Company, and Note each had a basic set of areas for us to include this data. However, the most important field was Category. Here, we selected a category from a menu of dozens, ranging from Doctor's phone, Internet En Nenjil Oru Poo Poothathu Mp3 Song Links, Document Files, and more. These helped us sort and locate each it

What's more, you can create your own track through a tool called Track Editor. Select the X, Y or Z coordinates and place ramps, teleports, and pieces of the track wherever you like. You might want to raise the track's level a little higher or place tiles till you get a decent highway. Some might even create levels that allow vehicles to race upside down, hairpins and many other track twists to ruin another gamer's day. These creations can be shared through the PSP's wi-fi connection, so other players can prove themselves too. You'll be able to do the classic runs, jumps, guard cancels, rolls and the new shifts, that are not much of an eye candy, but they're extremely efficient. If you're not familiar to the KOF series, you'll be surprised to find out that the game's based rather on tag team fighting than solo combats. You'll have the option of selecting three fighters at any point of the game (with the exception of one or two battle modes). Also, you will be able to use a Quick Shift, that will change your character while performing a combo, in order to perform a stronger attack. Unlike the rest of the fighting games on the market, you won't be dead meat once the timer runs out, because there's a judgment bar to look out for, that will decide whether you win or lose the battle. When the time's up the winner is decided according to the position of the judgment bar: if it's closer to your team's HP gauge you win, and if it's closer to your opponents' gauge, they win. This bar shows the skill of the fighters, so you'd better perform tons of combos and try to avoid getting your characters killed in order to be the victor, when the time's up. While Johny Depp really looks like his real counterpart when you encounter Mister Jack Sparrow, the main characters always wear those huge shoes and walk around funny, like they had something up their...shorts. The original designs of the Disney characters were kept and the kids will surely adore the verbal duel between Hades and our heroes, or the Genie's funny behavior when he's fighting along you. KH II is filled with eye candy and there's not one single move that doesn't cause sparks, colored stars, s

The improved audio is not just for show, either; the sounds of nearby shunts and your car bottoming out allow you to react to race situations faster, and more successfully. Multiplayer online battle arena, or MOBA, is a genre of games packed with some heavy hitters in the PC space. Whether it's a legacy game like Dota (or Dota 2) or the ever-expanding League of Legends, there's one thing most MOBAs have in common: an absurdly steep learning curve. Expertise in some MOBAs isn't measured in hours, but in months. It's not exactly a pick-up-and-play genre. Enter Awesomenauts, a colorful 2D MOBA that is approachable for genre newbies but is deep enough to satisfy veterans. On consoles, Awesomenauts had the luxury of being one of only a few MOBA-type games. That's not the case on the PC. It may not be as novel, but the PC version is definitely the best yet. It includes additional characters and some subtle balance tweaks. Also, it still has a French chameleon with a robo-laser sword for an arm, and that ranks pretty high on the awesome scale. These galactic machinations are dramatic and intriguing, and they are brought to life vividly by Halo 4's stunning technical prowess. From sweeping panoramic vistas to claustrophobic jungle clearings, the environments are rich with detail enhanced by thoughtful lighting and sharp textures. The excellent artistic design that makes human, Covenant, and Forerunner architecture so instantly recognizable is on display once more, helping to create a cohesive sci-fi world. Expressive facial animations bring characters to life, imbuing the cutscenes with extra emotional weight and making the story that much more engaging. It's all tied together with an amazing soundtrack that complements every aspect of the game. Alien environments ring with eerie strains, characters' emotions are reflected in plangent chords, and the intense action is driven along by urgent orchestrations. Driving in Sleeping Dogs is great. The arcade-style handling makes it easy to hop into any vehicle and start drifting your way around turns in no time, and the physics-defying sideways shunt you can do to damage enemy vehicles or ram them off the road brings with it a satisfying sense of impact. Just as exciting as the many races and car chases that take place throughout Sleeping Dogs are the vehicular shoot-outs that start cropping up a bit later in the game. Taking aim at the tires of pursuing cars and disabling them isn't particularly challenging, but it's still thrilling to send your pursuers flying end over end as you speed along unscathed. Wei also has the ability to perform action hijacks, leaping from one vehicle to another and forcibly taking the driver's place. It's an outrageous move that lends Sleeping Dogs a bit more of that Hong Kong action movie feel. Each of these base abilities can be customized in substantially different ways through the three different skill trees, enhancing replay potential even if you want to play as the same character. Though some skills favor certain weapon types, weapon proficiencies do not return in Borderlands 2, removing the incentive to stick with

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